Stan the Man with the White Van

It seems like anywhere you go in Roslyn, you can’t avoid hearing the name, “Stan the Man“. Perhaps it’s when someone has had one to many to drink and asks the barkeep to dial up Stan the Man. Or, when the community is holding an event that features music, and Stan the Man is called on to pull it together. Maybe it’s when you’re attending one of Roslyn or Cle Elum’s many open mic nights, where Stan the Man and his instruments take center stage. Whatever the case, you are sure to hear his name if you stick around long enough. As such, it was a real treat for us to catch up with him at Roslyn’s Sunday Market to find out more about his weekend designated driver services and his passion for music. If you wish to contact him, find him on Facebook, or just roll into one of Roslyn’s bars on a weekend and say “dial up Stan the Man!”

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