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2. The Brick
The Brick Saloon, originally opened in 1889, is Washington’s oldest continuously operating bar.  It’s also famous for its original 23 foot running water spittoon.  It offers traditional pub grub including Burgers, Dips, melts, fish n chips, soup, salad, and chili.  You can also order a Rib Eye or a Surf & Turf if the feeling grabs you.  It’s a bar, but half of the establishment is open to family dining until 9pm.  Don’t have time for a meal?  The appetizer menu includes, Nachos, Wings, Jalapeno Poppers, Fries and more.  By the way, our webcam points right at the Brick Saloon, so you can always see what’s happening.

3. Basecamp Books and Bites
Basecamp is a community gathering place, it’s a spot to grab a bite or read a book, and it’s a great place to start any Roslyn outdoor adventure. Located in the center of town (in the building known for the historic miner mural), the comfortable setting allows for indoor and outdoor seating while you enjoy an espresso drink, a snack, or even a light meal.  There are plenty of trail guides and hiking books available to help you pull your plans together.  You will also find a variety of snacks and trail mixes to provide you nourishment when you hit the trails.

4. Roslyn Roadhouse
Roslyn Roadhouse (formerly the Pastime) is half bar, half family dining with pretty good separation between the two.  Here you can find something to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even a late night snack.  If you don’t have young ones with you, the Pastime has a great outdoor patio that gets great sun, has beautiful flower arrangements, and even features a horseshoe pit for passing the time.

The Roslyn Cafe

The Roslyn Cafe

5. The Roslyn Café
The Roslyn Café is home to the famous mural of the camel, however, the food is their real attraction.  The menu features unique surprises such as the Buffulo Chicken Spring Rolls, the Mediterranean Spiced Lamb Burger, the Vegetarian Quinoa Burger, and pulled pork sliders served on a pretzel bun.  The breakfast menu is packed with great ways to start your day as well.  The weekly specials are also sure to get your attention!  This summer, the Roslyn Café is opening a BBQ pit and beer garden out back, so stay tuned for more about that addition!

6. Maggie’s Pantry
Maggie’s Pantry is an espresso, café, & grocery store committed to serving the community with wholesome, delicious food made from scratch.  The Veggie Wrap, the Breakfast Burrito and the Reuben sandwich are among our favorite items.  See more about Maggie’s Pantry in our video feature.

7. Village Pizza:
The village Pizza is a family run pizza shop with arguably some of the best Pizza you’ll find in the state.  It’s a fun place to dine in with the family or call in an order for take out (a mostly up-to-date menu is located here). Ever put honey on your Pizza?  Here it is encouraged and we think your taste buds will thank you. UPDATE: Pizza is now available by the slice!

8. Roslyn Mexican Grill:
Roslyn Mexican Grill specializes in pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine.  Pre-Hispanic refers to the indigenous Mexican people’s hunter / gatherer roots, but all you need to know is you’ll find delicious and unique Mexican food and delicious Margaritas and specialty cocktails.

9. Marko’s Place:
Marko’s Place is a local favorite. It’s a bar so you must be 21 to enter, but here you can grab a wide assortment of pub grub ranging from burgers, mozzarella sticks, pot stickers, pizza, and popcorn shrimp.  They also offer a pool table, foosball table, a great patio, and plenty of local cheer. It’s also a great place to catch sports!

9A. The Hideaway:
Welcome to the child friendly side of Marko’s Place.  Like Marko’s, here you can grab a wide assortment of  pub-style grub ranging from burgers, mozzarella sticks, pot stickers, pizza, and popcorn shrimp.  It’s a great place to grab lunch or dinner with the family. 

10. Red Bird Café
The Red Bird Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They offer a wide variety of unique and tasty meals with a local flare.  Breakfast offerings are  deliciously outside the norm and lunch options are fresh and exciting.  They often have fresh baked goods, soups of the day, and even Quiche!   Be sure to pop in before a hike to grab a sandwich to go!

11. Roslyn Coffee Company
The Roslyn Coffee company is nestled between the Brick and the Roslyn movie theater. The drive through espresso/coffee shop is a great choice if you’re looking to grab a beverage on the way in or out of town.  If you have a moment, walk on up and enjoy your coffee outdoors on a picnic table or in the gazebo.



12. Roots BBQ:
Are you craving authentic Texas style BBQ in a great outdoor environment? If so, be sure to visit Roots BBQ, Roslyn’s new outdoor BBQ pit. Brisket and Ribs are available by the pound and smoked chicken and hot links are also at the ready. Side dishes include Collard Greens, Pit Beans, Copper Carrots, and Coleslaw. Of course, beer and wine is also available to help you beat the heat. 

13. Coal Chute Café & Pub:
Just before you reach Roslyn on the 903, you’ll find the recently opened Coal Chute Cafe & Pub. Care and craftsmanship has gone into making the environment inviting and the food delicious. The restaurant serves both breakfast and dinner, and offers coffee, espresso drinks, beer, and specialty cocktails.




The Roslyn Brewery

Breweries & Distilleries:
A. The Roslyn Brewing Company
The original Roslyn Brewing and Malting Company was a coal miners best friend back in the early 1900s, but it closed its doors in 1913 due to prohibition.  In 1990, The Roslyn Brewing Company opened its doors to continue the brewing tradition in Roslyn with hand crafted German style lagers.   A visit to Roslyn isn’t complete without a visit to this brewery and taproom.  All you’ll find to eat here are pretzils, but they encourage you to pack a picnic basket or bring in food from any of the great local restarants and enjoy it with a lager in their pleasant fenced outdoor beer garden.  See more about the Roslyn Brewery in our video feature.

B. Heritage Distilling Company
Welcome to Roslyn’s new distillery!  In addition to tasting bars, a Spirits Growler fill station, and an expansive retail shop, this distillery is housed inside the historic Roslyn NWI building and is home to several stills dedicated to prominent Roslyn families. 


Sweets & Treats:
C. The Roslyn Candy Company
Craving a sweet treat?  Don’t miss out on the Roslyn Candy Company.  This cute little candy shop is a favorite of locals and tourists, kids and adults.  The owners are true chocolatiers and the shop features amazing truffles as well as vintage candies.  Be sure to bring the kids in for some Roslyn “Coal Candy!” See more about the Roslyn Candy Company in our video feature.

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