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Why Roslyn? is a website dedicated to Roslyn, Washington and the surrounding area.  The website’s roots can probably be traced to a camping trip we took to Upper Kitittas County for Labor Day weekend back in 2001.  The weather was beautiful (as it often is in these parts during the Summer) and we had an excellent time soaking in the river and relaxing in town.  Since that time, we’ve found ourselves visiting the area at least a few times a year to enjoy the people, the scenery, and the overall tranquility.

In 2010, We decided to ramp it up a notch and look for a place that we could call home during our frequent visits.  As you might imagine, we spent a lot of time in Roslyn as we looked for the right place to call our own. When we started to tell our friends and family what we were up to, many started to ask, “Why Roslyn?”

Travis and Wendy of “Why Roslyn?” (WhyRoslyn.com)

This question is simple and complex at the same time because there are so many ways to answer it. Do we mention how beautiful it is when the sun sets over the valley?  Or, do we talk about the miles and miles of rivers and forests that surround the area. Do we speak about the rustic atmosphere and hometown hospitality of places like the Roslyn Brewery, Village Pizza, and the Brick? Or, do we describe the modern lodge-like stylings of the Swiftwater Cellars Winery at Suncadia? Maybe I should just tell them about the best landjaeger this side of Germany – which I regularly purchase by the pound at Carek’s Meat Market.

At the end of the day, there are so many reasons we love spending time here that no single one addresses the question in the way it deserves to be answered.  In fact, the only real way to understand the appeal of this place, is to come out and visit for yourself.  In the meantime, we will do our best to post information about the people and places that make Roslyn so special. Slowly and somewhat inadequately – through pictures, stories, interviews and interactions; we hope to help you get to know our neighborhood a little better, and to get ever closer to providing a worthy answer to the question, “why Roslyn?”

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