Welcome to our video gallery.  Here you will find a sampling of videos shot in and around Roslyn that are not featured in individual blog posts (though you can find those by clicking here). We hope you enjoy! 

Aerial footage over Roslyn. This footage starts out in the historic Roslyn Cemetery and then drifts briefly over downtown.

Experience Roslyn, Washington and the surrounding area in 360 degrees! See the Immaculate Conception Church, the Coal Miners Memorial, the famous Roslyn Café mural, the cemetery, and more!

During the Jolly Mountain fires of 2017, Firefighters fought the blaze with the help of thousands of gallons of water from Lake Cle Elum. Morning until night, the planes would fly in to pick up water and circle back to the ridge to douse the flames. Thank you Firefighters for protecting Roslyn!

Winter aerial footage recorded at the North end of Lake Cle Elum.

Elk & Deer passing through the Brookside neighborhood of Roslyn in Winter of 2017.

This footage of bears and deer was shot in the Brookside neighborhood of Roslyn in 2016/2017.

This cougar (caught on a game cam) came to visit the Brookside neighborhood back in 2015.

Views of Roslyn and the valley from Roslyn’s Urban Forest.

More scenic footage from the North end of Lake Cle Elum.

More scenic footage from a snowy Winter day on the North end of Lake Cle Elum.

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