Let the Games Begin with ARRF!

The ARRF Animal Rescue Doggie & Troll Olympics returns next weekend (July 19th).  This annual event supports a great cause and is fun for the entire family!  Bring the kids and bring the dogs for a Troll_ARRFmorning packed full of fun games, including:

  • K9 SingOff (for dogs)
  • 3 Legged Troll Race (for humans)
  • Dunking for Dogs (for dogs)
  • Fetch a Troll with your Dog (for dogs)
  • Peanut Butter Lick (for dogs)
  • Guess the Number of Trolls (for humans)
  • Most Unusual Trick (for dogs, or ?)
  • Troll Toss (for humans)
  • Frisbee Throw (for dogs)
  • Troll Relay (for humans)

Registration starts at 10am and the games begin at 10:30am.  For more information, visit the RoslynOlympics.com.

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