Roslyn Doggie & Troll Olympics

OlympicsIs your pup ready to win a gold medal?  Find out next weekend when Roslyn hosts the 2013 Doggie and Troll Olympics.  The annual event supports ARRF Animal Rescue and Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.  The Doggie Olympics will include the following competitions:


  • K9 Sing Off
  • Dunking for Dogs
  • Fetch a Troll (with your dog!)
  • Peanut Butter Lick
  • Most Unusual Trick
  • Frisbee Throw
  • Doggie  Dash

The Troll Olympics (born of Foxie Chimpanzee’s love for troll dolls) will include the following competitions:

  • 3-Legged Troll Race
  • Troll Shot Put
  • Guess the # of Trolls in the Bin
  • Troll Toss
  • Troll Relay

Learn more and RSVP for this year’s Olympics At  See what happened last year on the 2012 Roslyn Olympics site.

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