Roslyn Has Everything, Even the Kitchensink

kitchensink1If you are a regular visitor to Roslyn, you might remember a kitchen and wine shop called Kitchensink.  The shop left town a few years back, but is making a special reappearance for one month starting this Labor Day weekend.  Kitchensink offers kitchen and skullery basics, a few fanciful gadgets, and a bit of everything one needs for cooking and cleaning up.  The store will be co-located in the Legion Building along with the Spruce Moose, which is a great place to grab a beverage or a bite while you explore the shop.  Kevi Sutti, the owner of Kitchensink, is excited to bring the shop back to town even if only for a brief stay.  “I’m glad to be back in familiar territory and excited to see lots of familiar faces,” Kevi says.


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