The Roslyn Christmas Tree Stands Tall

The Christmas tree is a hallmark of many holiday memories and traditions – and so it is with the Christmas tree in Roslyn. As remembered by early Roslyn resident Frank Barich:

“The Roslyn Fire Department, and others, had the tallest tree I remember seeing. It was set before the NWI Company Store. We would stand on our steps, waiting to hear the jingle bells on the sleigh bringing Santa Claus to the center of town. We ran to be in line to receive our bag of goodies, generally an orange and some hard candy.”

On February 10th, 1947, minutes of the Roslyn City Council meeting reflect that “a proposal had been made by John Lanigan and Wayne Read that a Douglas Fir tree be planted in the front of the NWI Company Store and so save the expense of getting a tree for Christmas every year.” The proposal was accepted.

Last weekend, during the 2011 Roslyn Winterfest, the long running tradition continued as the tree was illuminated in preperation for Santa’s annual visit. Standing tall along side the Coal Miner’s Memorial, the tree provides a warming reminder to cherish the season – and that today, we are creating the memories and traditions of tomorrow.

Roslyn WA Christmas Tree

The memoir’s of Frank Barich were excerpted from “From Old Country to Coal Country” – published by the Roslyn-Ronaled-Cle Elum Heritage Club.