Red Bird Café Opens in Roslyn

Red Bird CafeHoagie sandwiches, soups, and  salads are the main focus of the new Red Bird Café, which recently opened just across the street from the historic NWI building.  One look at the menu, and you’ll see that Red Bird is not your typical sandwich shop.  The delicious and unique creations include such delights as “The Roslyn Ridge” – which has hummas, cucumber, carrot, radish, red onion, red pepper and “goddess dressing”.  The sandwich I enoyed was the deliciously garlic drenched “Bagna Beef” – which is basically a beef Bagna Cuada disguised as a sandwich (and it was fantastic!).   Also on the menu is a “Beet Rueben” that puts a unique spin on a traditional corned beef and kraut rueben by replacing the meat with brined and sliced beets.
The café is a very comfortable spot to enjoy a cup of coffee (Batdorf and Bronson) and a meal.  Wifi is available, and the cafe even has a miniature play kitchen for the kids.  Stop in between 9am and 6pm, seven days a week.  If you are on the go, take out is also available and select sandwiches from Red Bird Café are also available at the Roslyn Grocery across the intersection.  Sandwiches will even be made available at Marko’s in case you get the late night munchies.

Bagna Beef

27th Annual Spittoon Races

Spittoon BoatsThe Brick Saloon is well known for its 23 foot long running water spittoon at the foot of the bar.  But on Saturday, March 14th, the bar stools are removed and the spittoon will be transformed into a 23 foot river raceway that attracts boating competitors from far and wide.  There are four separate race classes, but the most fiercely competitive category is the wooden boat class. The Brick will open at 10am on the 14th for weigh in, and the races will kick off at noon.   Following the races, be sure to stick around for The Brick Nautical Ball.  If you enjoy good beer, fun folks, the spirit of competition, and music that gets you dancing – there is no better event to attend than the Spittoon Races and Nautical Ball at the Brick Saloon.

Official Classes and Specifications:

  • Class 1: Soap/Wax boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)
  • Class 2: Wood boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)
  • Class 3:  Paper/Plastic boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)
  • Class 4: Motor & Experimental boats (can’t weigh more than 1.5 oz.)

All boats may be waterproofed but must not exceed 3” long, 1 ½” wide and 3” in height.  There are no mechanical or other means of propulsion allowed except in the “Experimental Class”. There is a $10 entry fee per boat in all classes except for wood.  The wood category is $5 per boat because it is run in a single elimination format until it gets down to the final four, at which time the races turn to double elimination.  All other classes are double elimination from start to finish.  For more information, visit the Brick’s website.  Highlight videos are also available from the 2011 and 2012 races.

Coal Wars Explores the Strikes of 1934

Coal WarsCoal Wars, by David Bullock, is a new book published by WSU Press chronicling the 1934 strikes in the Roslyn-Cle Elum Coal Fields.  The clash of interests between competing labor unions, mine owners, and politicians (set against a backdrop of a nation in economic collapse), lead to a situation where “communities were torn apart, friends became enemies, and memories of abuses festered for generations.”  David Bullock does a great job detailing the story from many perspectives, providing a balanced account of the events as they unfolded. The author, and grandson of a Roslyn miner, also brings a very human perspective to what it was like to live and work in the heart of the conflict.
The book is currently available for purchase from WSU Press.  To learn more about Roslyn’s rich coal mining history, be sure to visit the Roslyn Museum or go for a stroll down the historic Coal Mines Trail.

All Aboard the Roslyn Polar Express

Roslyn Polar ExpressThe Polar Express is coming to Roslyn to officially ring in the Christmas Season. The weekend kicks off on Friday at 5pm with the wreath and tree lighting on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Festivities continue through the weekend with hot cocoa and holiday crafts for the kids in the historic NWI building visitor center.  Santa and his friends will also be roaming the town handing out stockings containing special “shop in Roslyn” specials.  Avoid the malls and kick off the season in merry, small town, style!

Suncadia Events:
On Friday and Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, The Inn at Suncadia will be hosting a Holiday Crafts and Gifts Show.  The show is a winter favorite that features local craftsman, artists, wreaths and trees.   From 10am to 2pm each day, the Suncadia Real Estate Sales Company is sponsoring a winter tour of the Prospectors Reach collection of homes.  Find out more about these events and more in the Suncadia Winterfest Guide.

Hollywood Pays a Visit to Roslyn

Gas StationThis week, Roslyn got another taste of Hollywood when crews came to town to shoot the pilot episodes of an Amazon original mini-series based on the novel, “The Man in the High Castle.”  The novel was written by Phillip K. Dick, and is being produced by Ridley Scott.  This isn’t the first time Scott has brought a Philip K. Dick novel to the screen.  Dick’s novel, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, was the basis of the movie “Blade Runner.“  Other movies based on Dick’s writing include Total Recall, The Adjustment Bureau, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, and Screamers.
The Man in the High Castle” takes place in 1962, in a world where Germany and Japan were the victors of World War II.  Over the last few days, much of downtown Roslyn was transformed into the alternate reality that is depicted in the book.  Harper’s Lumber became a gas station and the Roslyn Café (made famous in the Northern Exposure television series) was converted into the Sunrise Diner.  Classic cars and trucks were also brought in to fit the period (some of which were owned by Roslyn residents).
Technically, the series is “in development” and the content being produced is in the “pilot” stage, which means there is no guarantee the show will make it to completion.  However, the production team includes some accomplished talent and, with Ridley Scott at the helm, chances are good this production will make it across the finish line.  More images from the production can be viewed here.

Roslyn Cafe

A Visit to Roslyn Yard

There is a new public space in Roslyn and it’s right in the heart of town.  Roslyn Yard is quickly becoming a popular place to hang out and enjoy the day.  Recently, we caught up with owner, Chris Martin, to learn more.  Special thanks to Planes on Paper for the music used in this segment.

Roslyn Has Everything, Even the Kitchensink

kitchensink1If you are a regular visitor to Roslyn, you might remember a kitchen and wine shop called Kitchensink.  The shop left town a few years back, but is making a special reappearance for one month starting this Labor Day weekend.  Kitchensink offers kitchen and skullery basics, a few fanciful gadgets, and a bit of everything one needs for cooking and cleaning up.  The store will be co-located in the Legion Building along with the Spruce Moose, which is a great place to grab a beverage or a bite while you explore the shop.  Kevi Sutti, the owner of Kitchensink, is excited to bring the shop back to town even if only for a brief stay.  “I’m glad to be back in familiar territory and excited to see lots of familiar faces,” Kevi says.


Marko’s vs Eagles 2014 Water Balloon War

Trophy SplashThe Marko’s vs Eagles Water Balloon War took place Saturday under clear skies in 80 degree heat.  The weather was perfect for the wet, wild splash fest that ensued.  On top of it being a good time for all involved, it also raised over $600 that will be split between ARRF and the Roslyn Library.
Splash WarThis year, Marko’s took home the trophy, but it was a challenging (and protested) decision.  There were three primary criteria for winning: enthusiasm, revenue raised for charity, and overall badass-ness.  Enthusiasm went to the Eagles.  The Eagle’s had many enthusiastic participants and rained a storm of water balloons down on Marko’s (Eagles easily had double the amount of balloons as Marko’s).  Likewise, at times, the entire Eagles patio would empty out as the participants brought the war to Marko’s front door.  Contrarily, the revenue category went to Marko’s.  Though it was only a slight difference, Marko’s tipped the scales back in their direction by raising just a little more money for the causes.  This made the final decision come down to overall badass-ness, which was a challenging category for the judges.  To help paint a picture, here are some quick highlights of the battle:

  •  Tom (Eagles) would often run solo missions, barging into enemy territory to wreak havoc - frequently soaking Marko’s with their own supplies.
  •  Becky and Tina (Marko’s) were a suicide squadron waging close proximity battles at the Eagles (even being taken hostage at one point).
  •  Mid battle, a team of anarchist warriors (who fight for no side) showed up in the middle of the two patios to wage war on both establishments.
  •  Justin (Eagles) had the golden arm.  His aim was spot on and he pegged numerous targets on the head, chest and everywhere else.  At one point, he even took out an embedded photo journalist.
  •  The battle started with balloons, but quickly escalated to super soakers, buckets and even garden hoses.

Splash Ambush

Certainly, there was no clear winner in badass-ness up until one of the very last moves of the war.  Marko’s sent a spy.  Daniel waited patiently at the Eagles and was accepted as one of their own – until everyone’s guard was down.  Then, he calmly walked up to Jim (President of the Eagle’s Platoon) and shouted “Go Marko’s” as he doused him in a bucket of water from the Eagle’s own fill station.  In one shady swoop, this strategy tipped the scales ever so slightly toward Marko’s for the win.

 Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 2014 Marko’s vs Eagles Water Balloon War!

A Visit to Wild Earth Brewing Company

Wild Earth BeerUPDATE: Wild Earth Brewing has closed their doors, at least temporarily.  More information is available on their website. With the recent opening of Wild Earth Brewing Company, Roslyn is now the proud home to two breweries, with style options that will satisfy any beer lover. Wild Earth Brewing is an artisanal brewery and taproom with a focus on handcrafted, flavorful, small batch brews. We caught up with owner and head brewer, David Kilgour, to learn more about Roslyn’s delicious newest addition.

Maggie’s Pantry Cafe and General Store

Maggie’s Pantry is a great place to visit for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee and a wide variety of natural and organic foods.  Recently, we sat down with Maggie’s Pantry Manager, Hannah Holden, to learn more about Roslyn’s unique café and natural market.

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