The Brick Saloon WebcamDo you ever get curious about the weather in Roslyn?  Or, perhaps you just wish to peek in on the town from time to time?  Well now you can! has partnered with the Roslyn Grocery to pilot a webcam.  It’s still in the pilot stageWhyRoslyn Webcams because we are not certain how well it will withstand the snow and the cold, however, we remain hopeful it will be able to stand up to the elements.  The camera sits aside the Roslyn Grocery and faces South toward the Brick Saloon.  It updates a couple of times per minute and is viewable on the home page.  We hope you enjoy looking in on the City of Roslyn and get an opportunity to see the beautiful weather that blesses this area.  Special thanks to the Roslyn Grocery for allowing us to mount the camera and leverage their Internet connectivity.

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