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  1. We come up snowmobileing every year so this is great to see how the snow is before we arrive, thank you Roselyn Store for this web cam!!!

  2. I just love to turn on this webcam feed while listening to my favorite Christmas song of all time, Christmas Shoes. It’s perfect for getting into that holiday spirit!


  3. Love the webcam! Great for knowing what is really happening with the weather up there. None of the sites seem to get it right. Makes me so happy to swing by and pick up needed items on my way up to the cabin.

    1. Hi Mike, sorry about the broken webcam. We tried to revive it, but it appears the elements have finally taken their toll. We are working on replacing it and hoping to have it functional again within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting us and please keep an eye out for its return!

      1. Still waiting, do you need technical assistance or financial assistance. Either one I sure would be handily givin I am sure. Just ask.Otay!!! P.S. We are so ready for the new series or might I say mini series of Northern Exposure to start filming as I am sure yous guys are too. Anyway good luck up there. Spugum!!!

        1. Hi Bruce, thanks for your message. The webcam has been operational for a few weeks now. Are you not seeing an image?

    1. Hi, we are working on getting the webcam back up. We’ve had some challenges after some recent network upgrades in Roslyn, but we’ll get it back up as soon as we can. Thanks!

  4. Have never done anything remotely like follow something media related before, this is one big adventure from sleepy Cheshire, England to see somewhere the series made feel was like my own backyard. Loved Northern Exposure right through, loved the writing, the personalities, the scenery and the wilderness around it all. One of a kind, full of a real take on life. So I am coming over for Moosefest, couldn’t get tickets so will have to mooch about or even moose about (sorry) and soak up stuff over a beer. Staying nearby so will do my own thing, a bit Northern Exposure style. Looking forward to meeting others who have been captivated by this amazing series. Want to know is Marilyn just as enigmatic as she seems? Maybe I will find out, who knows. See you there people.

  5. So nice to see the Brick. I visited Roslyn in the summer of 2009. It was so enchanting to see the Set of Northern Exposures and the small town of Roslyn. Hope, I can come again soon.
    best wishes from Cologne, Germany

  6. Nice handy cam. I have this set in my browser. Now I can check the weather before I leave home. BOO HOO.. No Snow.. Thanks Roslyn Grocery for putting up this website.

  7. What a cool site! I’m a huge fan of Northern Exposure and its many colorful characters. It was a big thrill of mine to have finally made the trip to Roslyn a few years ago and walk down the main street, stop in Dr. Joel’s office, shop in Ruth Annes’ store and to have a beer at the Brick! So sad the series had to end 🙁

  8. I so enjoyed my trip there last wed..I could have just sat there all day looking down the street…I know it’s just a small ordinary town, but if your a big fan of the show, then the town means a lot to you when you finalyy get to visit.

  9. I will be there this wed afternoon for my first visit..I cant wait to see all the northern exposure sites

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