theater1In 2013, the movie industry is converting to digital technology, which will render traditional 35 millimeter film prints obsolete.  While this is a logical step for the film industry, it is not an easy transition for many small theaters across the country, and the Roslyn Theatre is no exception.   By the end of the year, the Roslyn Theatre needs to spend $54,000 on a digital projector upgrade.

The theater has been open for over 34 years and the Donaldson family (who run the theatre) are driving very hard to keep it operational beyond 2013.  Toward this goal, the theatre will be participating in a variety of fundraising efforts in the near future. On Saturday, January 19th, the theater will be showing The Runner Stumbles (a film shot in Roslyn starring Dick Van Dyke) for a suggested donation of $10 to go toward the digital upgrade.  Additionally, On February 16th, Tyrannosaurus Grace will be playing a benefit concert at the Brick in support of the upgrade.   Tom Pickerel prints of the Roslyn Theatre are also on sale at the theatre in support of this effort Roslyn Theaterfor $25 each.

Wendy and I certainly can’t imagine Roslyn without the Roslyn Theatre.  In Summer and Winter, it is a wonderful place to escape to the movies.  Frankly, it has ruined the larger, more traditional theater experience for us.  If you’ve never been to the Roslyn Theater, please don’t hesitate to come to Roslyn for a movie and to show your support – showtimes are available on the theatre’s website.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause, a fund has been set up at Sterling Savings Bank under the name “Roslyn Theatre Digital Equipment Fund” or you can make donations directly to the theatre at PO Box 412 Roslyn, WA 98941.  Please continue to check back with or the Roslyn Theatre’s Facebook page for details about how you can help the theatre as opportunities arise.

donateWe are pleased to announce that the Roslyn Theatre is now accepting donations directly!  Please click here to show your support for the Theatre!

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2 Responses to The Roslyn Theatre Focuses on Digital

  1. lynne donaldson says:

    Hi, I loved your article on the theatre. Thank you so much for the support. I did start a gofundme acct- its pretty basic now, if I feel it need to be more polished I will get in touch with you. Thanks for the kind offer. Lynne

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