Roslyn Bar Wars – Saturday August 17th!

Don’t miss the Sixth Annual Roslyn Bar Wars!   This event is the ultimate water balloon throw down between Marko’s and the Eagle’s Patios.  Doors at Eagles and Marko’s will open by noon (Marko’s opens earlier for breakfast) and the water balloon war will commence at 4pm and run until the balloons run out.  Pick your favorite patio and prepare for battle.  

All proceeds of the water balloon sales will be equally divided and donated to Charities selected by each establishment. A minimum $5 donation to your side’s cause is requested to participate in the battle.  Water balloons will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring more balloons and your own super soakers to help tip your team toward a victory.

A recap video of a previous year’s event can be found on the WhyRoslyn Facebook Page.  Come early and be ready for a day of fun in the sun!

The winner is the establishment that scores the highest in a three point game: 

Spirit & Enthusiasm: One Point
One Point will be awarded for the team that demonstrates the most Spirit and Enthusiasm through costumes, ammo and water weapons, and Attitude.

Battle Prowess: One Point  
One Point will be awarded for most courage, cleverness, carnage and battle strategy.  

Dollars Raised: One Point  
Remember, this is all for good causes.  One point will be awarded for the most money raised through donations and raffle entries.  

Important Note: While we encourage safe and fun participation, water balloon strikes can sometimes hurt a bit – please participate at your own risk.


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