25th Annual Spittoon Races and Nautical Ball

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The Brick Saloon in Roslyn is well known for its 23 foot long running water spittoon at the foot of the bar.  But on Saturday, March 9th, the bar stools will be removed and the spittoon will be transformed into a 23 foot river raceway that attracts boating competitors from far and wide.  While there are four separate race classes (soap & wax, paper & plastic, motor & experimental, and wooden), the most fiercely competitive category is usually the wooden boat class. The Brick will open at 10am on the 9th and registration will begin at 11am.  The races will kick off at 1pm and usually last until about 7pm.  Following the races, be sure to stick around for The Brick Nautical Ball at 9pm, featuring the Shivering Denizens.  If you enjoy good beer, fun folks, the spirit of competition and music that gets you dancing – there is no better event to attend than the Spittoon Races and Nautical Ball at the Brick Saloon.

Official Classes and Specifications:

  • Class 1: Soap/Wax boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)Shivering Denizens
  • Class 2: Wood boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)
  • Class 3:  Paper/Plastic boats (can’t weigh more than 1 oz.)
  • Class 4: Motor & Experimental boats (can’t weigh more than 1.5 oz.)

All boats may be waterproofed but must not exceed 3” long, 1 ½” wide and 3” in height.  There are no mechanical or other means of propulsion allowed except in the “Experimental Class”. There is a $10 entry fee per boat, per class, per team with no more than 4 official members per team (no limit on the number of cheerleaders and fans). All races are run on a double elimination format.

Still not sure how this works?  Feel free to check out these highlight videos from 2011 and 2012.

Highlights from the 24th Annual Spittoon Races

On March 10th, the Brick held the 24th Annual Spittoon Races and Nautical Ball.  Racers come from all around to share in the festivities and for the chance to take home the title.  Below is a brief highlight video from this year’s event.

Spittoon Races Set Sail at The Brick

On Saturday, March 12th, the Brick came alive for the 23rd Annual Water Spittoon Race & Nautical Ball.  One hundred and eleven boats entered in all – with 73 boats filling out the wood category (other categories included paper, plastic, soap and experimental). The races kicked off at 1pm and continued into the early evening.  Though competition was fierce and beer was flowing, good sportsmanship was a trait shared by all – ensuring that everyone had a great time regardless of how their boats were performing.  A brief video of the event is available below: