Highlights from the 24th Annual Spittoon Races

On March 10th, the Brick held the 24th Annual Spittoon Races and Nautical Ball.  Racers come from all around to share in the festivities and for the chance to take home the title.  Below is a brief highlight video from this year’s event.

Spittoon Races Set Sail at The Brick

On Saturday, March 12th, the Brick came alive for the 23rd Annual Water Spittoon Race & Nautical Ball.  One hundred and eleven boats entered in all – with 73 boats filling out the wood category (other categories included paper, plastic, soap and experimental). The races kicked off at 1pm and continued into the early evening.  Though competition was fierce and beer was flowing, good sportsmanship was a trait shared by all – ensuring that everyone had a great time regardless of how their boats were performing.  A brief video of the event is available below: